Migrating your cPanel Linux Hosting package from another Web Hosting company to 4days-group

You may migrate your cPanel Web Hosting package from another Web Hosting provider to 4days-group by following the steps mentioned below:


Before initiating the migration of your website, you need to create a partial backup of your package under the cPanel Hosting Control Panel with your current Hosting company.

Your partial backup should consist of a Home Directory Backup and a MySQL Database Backup. Download the zipped copy of both these backups to your local computer. 1

To Restore your cPanel Linux Hosting package at 4days-group

  1. Login to your Control Panel, Search for the domain name for which you have purchased this Hosting Order and go to the Order Information view. 2

  2. Click the Manage Web Hosting link.

  3. On the Home page, under the Files section, click Backups and proceed to restoring both the Home Directory and MySQL database backups. 3